How to do Emo Hair

How to do Emo Hair - Let your hair grow then cut it. You could have long hair with choppy layers and hair with you could backcomb or you could have it slightly puffed with curly hair. "Emo" hair is very unique. If you're a girl make sure you trim your fringe regularly, make sure it is longish and JUST about meets the top of your eyelashes when you open your eyes.

Razor Trim your hair occasionally. Don't use a safety razor (the kind most commonly used by men shaving their face or women shaving their legs.) Instead, use a straight razor or a razor comb. It keeps your cut fresh and neat and gets rid of split ends. Also, it's best if your hair is dry, because you have more control of how much hair you cut
Straighten your hair, with a hair straightener or you could curl it too! If you straighten it often, then use heat defense shampoos and sprays to keep your hair healthy. If your hair is wavy just use hair gel to keep it down! Remember that people can have curly hair, be unique and try it out!

Dye Your Hair Don't just have a boring natural color - dye your hair purple, orange or even green if you're feeling brave. Why dye it one color? Why not try having a random pink streak like Avril Lavigne had or try having your top layers a brighter color. Not all "emos" have short black hair. Try to make it unique by adding random streaks of colors like pink, blue, green, or blonde. Make sure to bleach the hair before using non-natural colors, or it won't stand out..on darker hair it may not work at all! Be original. If your parents are strict, get semi-permanent hair dyes, wash in-wash out hair dyes,or colored extensions.  

Accessorize your hair. Girly bows are the best! Add them randomly to your hair. Also you could use wicked hair clips of bats or spiders! Remember not to go overboard and to add accessories gradually or you will look like a poser.

Take care of your hair, dying it every day or every week is very bad for your hair even if your parents don't like you dying your hair and your semi-permanent hair dye washes out just be careful. Use shampoos and conditioners which help keep the color of hair dyes in or help keep hair strong. Don't straighten it every few hours curly hair with a straight fringe can look nice if you tie it back to the side
Try loads of colors, lengths and hairstyles - don't be shy but don't copy other peoples styles, just be yourself! Don't do this to impress someone, they should like you for who you are not who you're pretending to be!

Don't backcomb your hair everyday. Backcombing causes immense damage to your hair and is a murder to get the tangles out. De-tangle hair with your fingers when it's dry and when you're brushing your backcombed hair back to normal hold the hair at the top then brush the bottom of your hair all the way to the top.
Just be yourself choose loads of colors and do what you want. Don't be put down by people who call you "emo" or "scene" or try to insult you. Stand up for yourself and don't let them walk all over you.

Tips for Emo Hair:

  • Tease the top and back of your hair, then add hairspray. But use a small toothed comb. A huge brush will make you look like an old woman
  • Try leaving your hair down, as poker-straight hair is best worn loose.
  • If you're getting a hair dye from a hair salon, make sure it is permanent. If you're doing the coloring yourself, use drugstore dye; make sure that it is permanent if you've got lighter hair.
  • Put random clips in your hair, especially barrettes. The kiddie sections of some clothing stores make some of the cutest emo items, and you'll be unique.
  • Straighten your hair, though some emos have curly hair. Straighten it pretty often at least every day.
  • Straighten your hair in small sections, especially if you have thick hair. Don't sweep the straightener through your hair. Slowly straightening your hair will make it more pin-straight. Also, don�t forget to use hairspray to keep it from getting frizzy.
  • Hot Topic and Claire's have some of the cheapest hair accessories, but if you're in a pinch, your local dollar store can offer you some very nice things. Check on eBay as well. Just type "emo hair" into the search.
  • Every now and then get your hair thinned out, it helps.
  • Try to Have your hair angled like the back would be short and as you get closer to the front it would get longer and longer.
  • Try not to wear your "emo hair" in a ponytail! This could look stupid and childish!
  • If you are bad with cutting/coloring your hair, try getting someone you know/trust to do it for you. (Make sure that they know what THEY are doing!)
  • If you use a razor, get a bit of your hair, twist it, then slide the razor down, then bits of hair will come out and your hair will become thin.
  • Some beauty supply shops will sell hair gel (or something like it) that will have different colors. That way you can experiment before you permanently dye your hair!!


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