Marelisa Gibson Villegas

Marelisa Gibson Villegas (born 26 August 1988) is a Venezuelan model and a pageant titleholder from who won the 2009 Miss Venezuela pageant on 24 September 2009.Gibson was born in Caracas, where she now studies architecture at the Central University of Venezuela. She speaks Spanish, English and French. She is the great-granddaughter of a Swedish immigrant and she admires Le Corbusier, Santiago Calatrava, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and Renzo Piano. Her hobbies include theater and photography. Marelia Gibson, who stands 1.78 m (5'10"), became the sixth Miss Miranda to win that title since the Miss Venezuela pageant began in 1952. She also won the Best Face award. She represented Venezuela in the 2010 Miss Universe pageant, in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., on August 23, and did not make it to the Top 15. This was only the third time in twenty-eight years that Venezuela was not among the semifinalists.

Malika Menard Miss Universe 2010

Malika Ménard (born 14 July 1987, in Rennes, Brittany) is a French beauty pageant titleholder, who won the title of Miss France 2010. She placed in the Top 15 at the Miss Universe 2010 pageant held on 23 August 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. During the Miss Universe official portraits photo shoot, Ménard was one of many contestants who chose not to do a topless photo shoot. Thousands of people gathered last night at Palais Nikaia in Nice (South of France) to watch the Miss France 2010 competition. The suspense lasted until late evening, when Miss Normandy, Malika Ménard, was crowned Miss France 2010 by Sylvie Tellier, Miss France 2002. WhichBudget, which has an office in the South of France, was there to witness the competition. For the first time in the history of Miss France, this year it was the public who chose the winner from the 5 finalists: Miss Normandy, Miss Provence, Miss Quercy-Rouergue, Miss Rhône Alpes and Miss Bretagne. Malika Ménard took over from 2009 winner, Chloé Mortaud, and will be representing France in Miss World competition in Johannesburg, South Africa on 12 December 2009 and Miss Universe competition in Zagreb, Croatia (date to be announced). Miss Ménard is 22 years old, lives in Caen, is in 3rd year of law studies and dreams of becoming a journalist (travel journalist, we hope - there is always a job for her at The Travel Magazine).

Isla Fisher Hairstyles

This admirable hairstyle of Isla Fisher is actual evocative of 50's looks. Donning this cine brilliant style, Fisher displays a attractive balmy albino shade. This attending can be accentuated with aloof a adumbration of ablaze highlights. With the use of an chaste part, Fisher shows archetypal curls hairstyle. The majority of her beard is beeline and abundantly styled, while the ends are curly.

Australian extra Isla Fisher was built-in February 3rd 1976. She is able-bodied accepted for her role of Shannon Reed in Home and Away and for starring in the ball Wedding Crashers.

Hey there little red benumbed hood! Funny babe Isla Fisher makes a burst with her red aigrette that underlines her sexy, arbitrary personality. Her blush ranges from attenuate amber to aphotic chestnut which is so actual chic back accompanied by a analogous lipstick! She wears her beard continued and looks adolescent and fashionable with textured ends, affable continued layers and some face framing cone-shaped action. Her timeless, chic face absolutely comes out back she enchants us with archetypal old Hollywood styles, like a Rita Hayworth attending with able-bodied defined, cool shiny, ample after-effects and a brace of adored gems on her ears.

Jamie King Hairstyles

King displays a circuitous blast is this braided hairdo. Her blast has continued abandon and a sculpted forehead cut. This braided updo hairstyle abandoned provides a abundant foundation for her face. The blow of Jamie's

Jamie King was built-in on 23rd April 1979 at Omaha , amid in Nebraska, in USA. She is a acclaimed extra as able-bodied as a model. She became accepted for her abundant role as Nurse Betty Bayer in the blur " Pearl Harbor " in 2001. Jamie is additionally accepted for her silky, sassy, bendable hair. She wears a ambit of contemporary hairdos.

hair is braided and hoisted into an affected updo. This actualization is abnormally altered for academic contest and additionally accidental ones. This updo hairstyle offers a specific indigenous blaze to the appearance.

Jaime King Hairstyles are fashionable, admirable and elegant. If you are attractive for some acceptable brawl hairstyles, you charge accumulate some of King’s award-winning hairstyle in mind. These styles are accessible to advance and attending acceptable for any occasion. If you appear to accept carefully empiric King in Pearl Harbor, you ability accept apparent her admirable 1940s styles. For those accepting average breadth hair, this advantage will assignment great. The curls in the actualization are altered to accepted coiled beard and are ambagious bottomward from the mid-lengths to the end. A accurate affection of this actualization is the cautiously angled layers that enhance the animation and aggregate of the tresses.

Julia Roberts Hairstyle

Beautiful beard has been a brand of Julia Roberts for a continued time. She has been accepted to booty advantage of her continued tresses. Roberts has additionally not been abashed to go shorter. Here we see her pictured with a archetypal average breadth style. It takes a average allotment and adds bendable circling curls on both abandon of her face. This is a abundant hairstyle for average breadth beard with accustomed after-effects or beneath coiled hair.

If there is one affair that anybody knows about Julia Roberts that is that she has a smile to die for and admirable blubbery continued beard to annihilate for. Julia Roberts is one appealing woman that knows how to get the attending of the season. Back it comes to Julia's hairstyles she is assured but yet still graceful. Julia's hairstyles alter from time to time. One ability account Julia with her ablaze red continued bound ringlets, about Julia has become actually able with her looks throughout the years.

Some hairstyles Julia has worn, one would accept to do a bifold booty aloof to accomplish abiding it was the Erin Brokovich star, like the time she chopped off all of her admirable beard and died it albino that was a adventuresome move that she got alloyed reviews on. About Julia is still a admired amidst many. Julia's hairstyles can ambit from up styles with beggared bangs, continued albino waves, nice ponytails and characteristic bangs with height. Julia consistently looks abundant back it comes to her hair. She has a continued shaped face that makes it absolute to actualize average breadth shags with bangs as able-bodied as accepting layered and cone-shaped cuts. We actually adulation Julia's bound little ringlets and she has been apparent in so abounding movies including "My best accompany wedding" area her beard aloof has a calligraphy of its own.

If you appetite to accept beard like one of America's best admired sweethearts like Julia, you are in luck if you accept accustomed coiled hair. Don't get beat if you don't accept accustomed curls you can consistently get a perm or if perms are not your affair you can consistently calculation on your accurate crimper adamant or rollers to do the trick. Some beard dyes can be done at home if you accept the skills, contrarily to get Julia's red locks a stylist is recommended if you appetite authentic perfection.

Julia Stiles Hairstyle

Julia Stiles was built-in March 28, 1981 in New York, New York. She aboriginal appeared on date at age 11. Julia has been in films such as "The Bourne Identity" and "Save The Last Dance". Her actualization of dress is beautiful and chic. She consistently makes a nice actualization with her beard and all-embracing look.

Julia Stiles is one extra that knows how to bedrock the bob hairstyle in any fashion, appearance or form. However her continued albino duster accept additionally apparent canicule of nice and bound curls as able-bodied as attenuate after-effects and continued abounding beard that looks abundant on her.

Ashley greene hairstyle twilight

Ashley Greene twilight hairstyle

Follow the main cast of Twilight in the middle of promoting the latest installment of this series of vampires that has proved enormously successful. I have already occurred in other post pictures of winners Kristen Stewart, his style more polished now than ever in terms of clothing but more relaxed hairstyles.

These hairstyles are not casual at all, are studied to look like, but notice that they are easy and they look great, and obviously taking them a star Kristen Stewart Youth today are more than fashion. Let's see. Do not forget that of Ashley Green in one of the following images is of the ones I like.

Classic party hairstyles : Classic hairstyles

Classic party hairstyles : Classic hairstyles

Holiday hairstyles are so many and so varied that one could almost take different time to time and we never end up the options, so real! and the proof is that today I bring you five new proposals very classic holiday hairstyles, long hairstyles they are chic and elegant, which are great for the big events that get washed and combed just is not enough at all.

Hairstyles that resist the trend changes, because these hairstyles are just so elegant that will never be over, and you can bring to this occasion of great luxury to have invited you, they work great for all girls, and can almost be used either by the younger than the adult, for that is very special hairstyles.

angelina jolie hairstyle

Jennifer Connelly Hairstyles

Celebrities are THE appearance icons for beauty, architecture -- and of course, hairstyles. Jennifer Connelly is no exception. That's why we've got Jennifer Connelly photo galleries, pictures, and accepted adorableness account on this celeb. Her appearance is absolutely alarming and account blockage out. So if you're analytic for some adorableness tips, hairstyle options, and appearance advice, about-face to Jennifer Connelly. She'll accompany your appearance to a accomplished new place.

Jennifer Connelly is a acclaimed celebrity. This celebrity hairstyles area displays Jennifer Connelly hairstyles and haircuts. Below - we accept calm some amazing pictures of Jennifer Connelly hairstyles to appearance you how she wears her admirable hair. Take a attending and you can consistently save or book the photo and appearance to hairstylist in case you appetite a hairstyle agnate to Jennifer Connelly.

Judy Greer Hairstyle

Judy Greer was built-in on 20th July 1975 at Detroit, Michigan in USA. She is able-bodied accepted Hollywood actress. The attractive and beauteous hairstyles of Judy Greer are actual acclaimed in the appearance circle.

Judy Greer is a acclaimed celebrity. Judy Greer Hairstyles are advised to be stylish, adult and ravishing. Greer looks like an angel in this accurate hairstyle. If you appear to accept had a glimpse of the extra at assertive red carpeting events, you charge accept noticed her bend cut. For instance, she was spotted antic this aces funky-angle hairstyle at the 12th Annual Premier Women in Hollywood event. Judy Greer Hairstyles are accessible to advance and can be recreated in a abbreviate time. These hairdos are ideal for best occasions, whether academic or accidental and can bear all acclimate conditions.

female modern forrmal short hairstyle

Kate Beckinsale Hairstyle

Beckinsale is apparent actuality with her archetypal bistered color. This continued appearance accentuates the look, and incorporates a average allotment with flare. This continued hairstyle takes advantage of Kate's breadth by abacus circling curls. These curls, however, are ablaze and loose. They accommodate a able attending which could be acclimated in any ancillary swept appearance and a acceptable best for women with annular faces.

Jenna Elfman Hairstyle

Jenna Elfman is an American actress, built-in on September 30th 1971 in Los Angeles.

Jenna has blubbery beard and an egg-shaped face. Creating aggregate on the abandon admitting layers, after-effects or curls is the best attending for her. Also hairstyles that accessible up her face with continued ancillary swept bangs accompany out her eyes are a acceptable choice. Jenna’s appearance ranges from continued layered curls with mid genitalia and feathered elements to abbreviate bobs with abundant arrangement and fullness. With her sparkling dejected eyes and fair bark a albino accent apparel her best and she varies her hue amid a albino bank albino to a aglow honey tint.

Jenna Elfman is a admirable extra is accepted for her albino beard and her smile. Elfman is apparent actuality with a fabulously abbreviate hairstyle. This is a far amplitude from the continued styles we accept appear to apprehend from her. This new attending is both fun and youthful. Her beard has abyss and class. This abbreviate women appearance abundant breadth to add to the over all point end blaze Jenna is wearing.

Katie Holmes Hairstyle

Katie Holmes is accepted for cutting continued breadth hair. She alike fabricated her own signature of continued breadth beard aback she played the appearance of Joey in Dawson’s Creek. The continued breadth hairstyle that Katie Holmes wears in Dawson’s Creek is aloof abundant to awning the beneath breadth of her shoulders. Katie alike alloyed up the styles of alternating amid stick beeline strands, curls and apart waves.

The aboriginal blush of Katie Holmes’ beard is a affluent chestnut amber but throughout her date of growing up, Katie Holmes had done some arrangement of highlights on her hair. However, best of the time Katie Holmes is not addicted of cutting beard with bangs. She prefers best of beggared styles for her hairstyle.

You’ve apparent Katie Holmes with her continued chestnut locks, as she has beat her beard smoothed and abounding bottomward beneath her shoulders, and you’ve apparent her cutting her beard up in the aback with wisps blind forth her abandon for a chic affair. Well, let me acquaint you! There’s a new kid in town! The accomplished abode is whispering about our celebrity and her cast new attending (June 2007). By the way, accept you taken a glimpse of it, yet? There are those who say it resembles Victoria Beckham’s new signature cut, and we are activity to allocution about that aloof a little bit. From what I do understand, those two are buddies, so what would it aching if Katie takes a folio out of Victoria’s affiliate and learns for the advancement of herself. I am abiding you apperceive who I am talking about, she is the acclaimed British pop singer, song biographer and dancer. As if that isn’t enough, she is additionally a appearance designer. Now, do you bethink her? She is a acceptable sort, to run about with and apprentice the ropes of the trade. Katie isn’t any slouch herself and has been acting for abounding years now. The admixture seems to be like peanut adulate and jelly. Both acceptable for anniversary other.

Jennifer Garner Hairstyle

Jennifer accumulate is a sweetheart and looks abundant in her aphotic amber tresses. Jennifer loves the simple and glassy looks for her hair. Sometimes you can see this able-bodied extra cutting her beard in bendable shaped after-effects or a accidental up appearance or a simple beeline look. No amount what hairstyle Jennifer wears she will consistently attending sweet.

Jennifer Accumulate ability be accepted best for her appearance "Alias". She has additionally done "Elektra" in 2005 and "13 Going on 30". She has been in added films as well. She is affiliated to amateur Ben Affleck and they calm allotment 2 admirable children. Jennifer's way of dress is consistently appealing. Her beard and all-embracing appearance is consistently beginning and attractive.

Short hairstyles for teens

Short hairstyles for teens

Hairstyles for girls tend to be long, very loose and practical, but most adults like they prefer big hair, recent seasons have tended to shorter hair trends and arrivals in 2010, many will be decided by the hair short that comes with much fury. Fringed and increasingly unstructured, very short or very long behind, completely straight or medium curly hair of the season is a hair that has many options to choose from.

These styles that I present today are good for girls as for almost all and some are ideal for girls with very straight hair. They're all very fashionable and beautiful is not it?


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