1950s Hairstyles

Marilyn Monroe

Grace Kelly's formal updo at the 1956 Academy Awards (Audrey Hepburn is in the background)
Back view of Grace's big bun
backstage while speaking with Audrey
(They were both presenters at the Oscars.)

Grace Kelly with big, thick short hairstyle
(picture may be from 1940s, not 1950s)
Grace in the mid-1950s. Sweet retro short hairdo for proms or weddings. She loved strapless dresses. This finely decorated white one is rather charming.
Grace in 1953 once again with about chin-length short hair but this time her style has extreme waves.
Extra volume in 1954 but just on the sides
Grace Kelly in 1956 after she let her hair grow out a bit. Grace still has her trademark or favorite wavy texture.


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