2008 Hairstyles

2008 Hairstyles Whats Hot And Whats Not!

OK so what 2008 hairstyles are in this year and what is out???

OK, so curls are IN, but perms are OUT!

Bobs are still IN, mullets are OUT!

Emo styles are IN, Blue hair is OUT!

Celebrities are getting their hair cut shorter this year, and lets face it, if they say it is cool, like sheep we will probably follow.

2008 hairstyles are definitely getting shorter. Although long is still IN, more people are going shoulder length. Compromising between the short bob and long sedu styles, so we have nice shoulder length hairstyles, with lots of choppy layers, being seen on the red carpet!

Check out some pictures of 2008 hairstyles in this cool photo gallery.

Pictures Of 2008 Hairstyles

choppy layered 2008 hairstyle
choppy layered 2008 hairstyle
70s retro hairstyles for 2008
70s retro hairstyles for 2008


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