Latest Emo Hairstyles

What is Emo

A word which was unfamiliar few years ago but let me introduce you to the word Emo. Many of you must be knowing about the same but this definition is just for the beginners, Emo represents a style of rock music, Emo is the acronym of Emotional. Emo means emotional and sensitive. It has become very popular among many teenagers all over the world. Emo’s represent very emotional section of the society. They can be identified walking on the streets by their look, style ,makeup and attitude. More and more teenagers are going towards this emo thing. Associated with Emo is an extensive word library with terms like Emo girls, Emo boys, Emo kids and Emo Poetry.


Emo is a lifestyle which new generation is adopting at a faster rate, the most interesting thing and change, is the hairs, which is been styled in a totally different manner and through hairs of any Emo you can identify them well.
Now you must be thinking what’s so special about there hairs, then let me tell you Emo hair styles share common features such as the presence of uneven cuts, shags, layers, and even spikes. Sporting an emo hair style though does not simply mean having a shaggy or a layered haircut. The main objective is to make your haircut as distinctly unique and expressive of your character and/or lifestyle. This unique hair style is being adopted as a new trend by few fashion freaks also. These hair styles can also be seen as short of rebellious hair styles for people with different thought and beliefs.

Emo hair styles can be short, medium or long both for Emo boys and Emo girls. These hair styles can go from very long shages at front or sides with short back or spiky tops with long backs. Colour of the Emo hair style is basically jet black and this hair style looks best in black. Few emo boys and Emo girls highlight there spikes and cuts , shags and layers with different unique coloures like red, voilet, blue and green. Even their dressing and makeup is different. It doesn’t matter you are a boy or a girl just go with your eye liner, blusher, skinny jeans, tight tops and fallen face. Of course ! your hair which makes you true Emo follower.

How to Create Emo hair style for girls in 2009

*Longer hairs are the demand for the Emo hair style as longer is the better.

*Cut your hairs with lot of bang, i mean as experimental as you can with the help of layers , shags and spikes.

*Add colors to your hair according to your choice, Keep basic hair colour black and highlight it with different freaky shades.Emo-fashion1

*Part your hair about 1 ¼ from the center of your head and have your bangs flow over to the side that you prefer.

*Set your hair with hairspray and voilá.

How to create Emo hairstyle for boys in 2009

*The basic is again growing your hairs atleast upto chin level, so that styling can be done easily.

*Straight hairs beautifully represent Emo boys so just do it.

*You are going to need to cut your hair so that you do not have a dull, same length do. Give your hair personality with angles and maybe even some layering to give your hair personality and dynamic.

*Add colours to your hair according to your choice, Keep basic hair colour black and highlight it with different freaky shades.

* Add some personal touch by using hair gels or hair products you like and you are ready to hit the road with your Emo style.


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