Emo Makeup for Boys

Emo Makeup for Goes Hand in Hand with an Emo Hairstyle

In this day and age, wearing makeup is very popular. We are constantly keeping up with those popular make up trends – both girls and guys. Did we just say guys wear makeup? Yes, we did and the whole EMO style scenario makes it alright.

We are now in the days where guys can look good wearing makeup as well. However, when the guy is wearing EMO make up, they must also have the whole EMO attitude and EMO clothing. In case you are curious of how guys can wear makeup or you are a guy that is interested in wearing makeup, then we are going to give you some good, sound advice on EMO makeup for boys. Continue reading this article to find some tips on EMO makeup for boys.

You will need an eyeliner stick that is dark brown or black. We recommend you use Wet and Wild or MAC; it’s all the same and is affordable. A fine choice of eye shadows for boys would be green, black, gray, blue, purple and white. NYX has three colour palettes that will last for a long time. Don’t forget about mascara. The mascara should be black, we recommend Maybelline.

Boys also wear foundation such as MAC or Almay. Before you apply the foundation, you should put lotion on your face, that way you will have a nice glow. Next, you should commence to putting the makeup on. Don’t forget about the lip stick, nude lipstick by Victoria Secret will work just fine on boys.


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