How Much to Tip Hairdresser

Tipping a taxi driver or a parking attendant is very easy. If you tip them more, their happiness is evident on their faces. If you do less, they will unabashedly ask for more! However, when it comes to tipping someone like a hairdresser at an high end salon, you always have to be on guard. You neither wish to offend the person by tipping her less than her expectation nor you wish to end up tipping her exorbitantly. So, what is the proper tipping etiquette for hairdresser? How much of tip is considered enough? Should you tip the owner of the salon as well? And what about all those who assist your hairdresser in her job? Find out answer to all your tipping related queries in this article, how much to tip hairdresser.

How Much to Tip Hairdresser: Etiquette

Our lives are very much governed by said and unsaid etiquettes, and tipping is no exception. Although, there is no rule regarding the exact amount of tip one should give a hairdresser, the overall amount of bill is often considered while calculating the tip amount. A 15 - 20% of the total amount that you are charged for the job, is considered as acceptable tip for hairdresser. You may add or deduce some amount from this as per the service you receive. However, under no circumstances should you consider giving her any less than 10% of your bill amount. Even the hairdresser who did a horrible job on your hair qualifies for this 10% tip.

How Much to Tip Hairdresser: Considerations

Generally speaking, the more complex and time consuming a job, the more the tip. Hence, you may have to make exceptions to the above tipping etiquette as per your individual job. For any job that takes up 1-2 hours and costs you about $100 - $300, you can consider giving 15% of your bill amount as tip. However, for a more complicated hair job such as coloring, highlights plus perming or straightening which takes 4 - 5 hours, you can be more generous with your tip. In that case, consider paying no less than 20% of the fees charged. Besides, you can also think of tipping hairdresser generously if she has done an exceptionally good job on your hair. Similarly, when you think of how much to tip hairdresser for wedding, you can't afford to be any less generous. Some people even tip their hairdressers graciously on holidays. Although, this amount has to be a little more than the usual tip, you need not go overboard with tipping. If your average hair job costs you about $100 - $150, you can consider paying equivalent of that in tip on special occasions.

Another tip related query is how much should you tip the assistants at the salon. If your hairdresser has an assistant to shampoo your hair and blow dry them or do other odd jobs, then you need to pay these people as well. Pay the shampoo girl around $1 - $3, and a little more to the person who assists your hairdresser. Regarding how much to tip a barber, you should pay at least $1 for every service provided such as haircut, shave, massage etc.

High end beauty salons may have envelops at front desk that may allow you to decide the tip amount to the designated hairdresser. It is always better to pay in cash as the salons may charge the concerned hairdresser for processing credit cards. Thus, tipping your hairdresser often ensures good service in the future. Besides you can get away without appointments for smaller jobs on a busy day. The hairdressers are always enthusiastic for serving generous clients.

However, don't let this stress you out, especially if you are already on a tight budget. Remember, tipping is optional not mandatory. You can always make up for your lack of money by complimenting her for her work. Hope after reading this article, how much to tip hairdresser should be less of a mystery to you!


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