How to Bleach Hair with Peroxide

How to Bleach Hair with Peroxide at Home
  • Hydrogen peroxide provides different results for everyone and hence, before you lighten all your hair with hydrogen peroxide, bleach a few strands. If it does not have any ill effects and does suit the hair, you can go ahead and bleach all of your hair.

  • For testing, pick up a strand behind your hair and bleach it with hydrogen peroxide. For easy identification of this strand, you can tie a thread around it. If no adverse effects are observed, then you can go ahead and bleach all the hair.
  • Now, you can start with the actual process. Mix hydrogen peroxide with water and both should be in equal amounts. Put this solution in a spray bottle. Wash your hair and before they dry, spray the solution of hydrogen peroxide on your hair. After that, comb your hair properly and remove all the tangles. Combing the hair will help in spreading this solution evenly through the hair.

  • If you want to highlight your hair, then spray this solution only on those particular strands. You will have to make use of clips if you want to highlight only a few strands. Clutch the hair which you do not want to bleach. After 15 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly.
  • In order to see better effects, you will have to apply it regularly. The results will not be shown during the first time. The more you want to lighten your hair with peroxide, the more number of times you will have to repeat the procedure.
  • After you have used hydrogen peroxide, apply a conditioner to your hair. Since peroxide dries your hair a lot and can damage your hair, applying conditioner is a must as it can help in damage control. Extreme dryness can cause the breakage of the hair and hence, proper care should be taken. I guess, by now you know how to bleach hair at home.
If you hesitate to bleach your hair at home, the you can visit a professional beautician and get your hair bleached from them. If you want to bleach all your hair, then it is easy and can be done at home. As, the process of bleaching all the hair involves spraying it on the total hair mass. But, if you want to bleach only a few strands, then the process is tedious and a slight mistake can mess up with the whole look. Hence, in such a case, it is better to visit a beautician and get it beached there. They might also tell you the easiest way for how to bleach hair with peroxide.


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