How to Tie a Bandana

How to Tie a Bandana
A bandana can be tied around your head is also your neck in various ways. Lots of different people in different cultures tie a bandana with a different reason. This bandana worn as a fashion statement.Take also see the simple steps to learn how to tie a bandana.

How to Tie a Bandana Around Your Head
You can tie a bandana on your head to protect your hair from heat and dust, or wear a certain color bandanna that match your outfit as a style statement. So, read on to find out how to tie a bandana on your own with a variety of ways.

Knot no. 1
  1. First of all, get a square cotton bandana of the size 60 cms at each side.
  2. Fold one of the corners of your bandana in such a way that the folded point is roughly at the center of the square.
  3. Hold the two adjacent ends of the bandana where the fold is made in the lower part of both your palms. Now carefully place the folded edge to your forehead.
  4. Move your head backwards and hold the two side corners tightly next to your ears. Pull the side corners to the back of your head and tie a simple knot with them.
  5. Now with one hand hold this single knot so that it doesn't loosen up.
  6. Simultaneously, use the other hand to bring the loose edge of the bandana over the back of your head to the point of the knot.
  7. Eventually tie another single knot over the bottom corner with the earlier knot edges.
Knot no. 2
  1. Another way to tie a bandana around your head would be to follow the first two steps as mentioned above.
  2. Then instead of tying the two edges first, you can bring the third loose edge over your head and hold it with one hand.
  3. After this, bring the two side corners to the back of your head and tie a single knot over the third side.
Knot no. 3
  1. Fold the bandana in half diagonally, making a triangle.
  2. Tie the two ends behind your neck or pulled up to the top of your head tightly so that the knot doesn't loosen up.
  3. When it is in a triangle, the third loose end can either be left untied under the first two edges or tucked in between the knot.
  4. This way of tying a bandana can be used to tie it around your neck like a scarf to give you a cowboy look or simply a hip hop fan.
  5. Tying the triangular bandana upside down where the third point of the triangle is to the lower side can be used to cover your nose and the knot can be made at the lower back of your head.
You can even tie a bandana around your wrist if you're playing a sport and don't have a wrist band to dry off you're sweat. A bandana can be useful in other cases where you're cleaning a room or the hose and you don't want to inhale the dust.

Bandanas are a favorite with not only common people but celebrities as they look cool and stylish. So if you haven't noted the steps on how to tie a bandana, take them right away and flaunt your cool, classy bandana look in front of your friends.


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