How to Grow Dreadlocks

Think dreadlocks and the first image that crops up in the mind is Bob Marley who trademarked this style! Amongst all the haircut styles and ideas, dreadlocks particularly are in great demand alongside hair braids. Dreadlocks are all about managing an unkempt look and are particularly noticed between the African Americans. Although this hairstyle looks relatively fuss free and easy to style, there are basically many different types of dreadlocks! Therefore, a professional hair salon would be the best option to sport trendy dreadlocks. However, if you are still wondering how to grow dreadlocks without a visit to any salon, then let�s take a look at some of the basic steps.

How to Grow Dreadlocks:
Well, one can�t actually grow dreadlocks but would have to work hard to style and maintain them. Here�s a very easy way to achieve deadly dreadlocks!

First, begin by selecting sections of hair. Then, apply an adequate amount of gel to each section of hair. Now, hold these sections between the palms of your hand. Push the palms against each other so that the sections of hair get rolled. This will cause the hair to have a coiled look. Repeat this procedure for every section of your hair. This will help you to have temporary dreadlocks with ease!

Dreadlocks always have an unkempt look about them. However, you would need to shampoo your hair so that it remains clean. At times, to keep the dreadlocks coiled up you may need to use clips to keep the strands firm. This will help you to retain the curled look. Oil your hair at regular intervals, as this would also help you in the maintenance of dreadlocks.


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