Prince Harry On Brother Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Engagement

Prince William and Brother HarryWe’ve learned if there’s one person who’s excited about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement, it’s Prince William’s younger brother, Prince Harry. In a released statement, Prince Harry said “I am delighted my brother has popped the question!” And as for adding a new member to the family, Harry said “It means I get a sister, which I have always wanted”.
The way we see it, Prince William and Kate Middleton have decided to get married after a very long courtship of almost 8 years, so Prince Harry’s reaction isn’t surprising at all. Prince Harry seems to be very fond of Kate. Besides, Prince William has given everyone more than enough time to accept Kate as a new member of the family.
Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement on Tuesday, November 16th, and are expected to marry in the spring/summer of 2011.
As for the relationship status of the handsome Prince Harry… Is he single? Rumor has it that he and long-time girlfriend Chelsy Davy have split. Ladies, you know what that means- If you want a shot at royalty then there is still one prince left.


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