Paul Williams Debut Features from Old Jeans

he Texas based MYFN Jeans say that the excellent denims aren’t just for teens anymore. In today’s society, moms and dads are equally passionate about their apparel as their younger counterparts. Last year in 2009, attire flush out and arrangements for a concert of classic rock to take place in Dallas rapidly and suddenly turned Cherie McEnery and Jeff Dewey into budding fashion entrepreneurs. They both were based from Houston. They recall that selecting the perfect apparel for that special musical night wasn’t happening and the older clothes had their share of memories and couldn’t be thrown out. Cherie McEnery said that the older denims could simply be worn like the newer ones. This idea struck her soon after.
The first ever pair of MYFN Jeans were created from a couple of old T-shirts, a worn-out bandanna and with two of the favorite caps. They all were then sewn onto McEnery’s beloved threadbare jeans. It was worn at the concert and to their surprise; this outfit garnered a lot of positive vibes of acceptance from the people who were there at the gig. It was just the beginning, as the outfit got applauded after a week in a comedy club.
These were all jeans that were given a fascinating approach and style. This was fun and the team of Cherie McEnery and Jeff Dewey went right ahead to share their creations with other old jeans and classic music enthusiasts. Needless to say, they tasted success.


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