Pretty Hair Makes Beautiful Faces

Hair as they say is every woman’s crowning glory. It’s no wonder why women spend hours just to make their hair look beautiful. It’s a common knowledge that men generally fall for a woman who has pretty hair and who certainly knows how to carry and keep herself beautiful in different occasions.
Not all women are blessed with naturally shined and beautiful hair. Most women needs guidelines to keep it beautiful even if always expose to polluted environment which contributes mostly to damaged hair. Women try every new product in the market that promises to make their hair always pretty. Others even have turned fanatic in finding ways to make it look beautiful. As they say pretty hair makes beautiful faces which is true.
The best way to keep it healthy and shiny is regular washing and conditioning, although it depends too on what type of hair you have. If you have a dry type then it is advised to wash it every day. Daily wash takes away natural oils that it needs causing your scalp to produce even more oils to make up for the lost ones. Thus washing everyday will enhance more production of natural oil in your hair which you don’t need if it is extremely oily.
Remember that shampoo is for cleaning the hair and scalp and most of the dirt are found in the roots so when shampooing, focus at the roots. As for conditioner, it fills damaged area such as ends of the hair where most damage is found. So, when conditioning it, concentrate at ends or parts that are damaged. Combing the hair through your hair to distribute the conditioner evenly is effective too.
If your hair is too dry and color treated then make use of a deep conditioning treatment once a week but if you have a normal to oily type then you can use deep conditioning every other week. It is important tool to trim it every four to six weeks to keep damage ends away and to make it look healthy.
One important thing is to avoid heat and chemicals as much as possible. As much as possible do not blow it completely. Leave a little moisture so as not to damage it. Other hot tools like curling iron or flat iron should be avoided but if there is really a need, then make sure to use one with your hair recently conditioned to minimize the damage effects. Dyes and other chemical relaxers should also be avoided.
Above all eat a healthy balance diet. Eat foods that are rich in protein and essential fatty acids. Drink lots of water and avoid drinks that are high in caffeine such as coffee, tea and soda. A good healthy diet certainly reflects in your outward appearance as well as your hair.
Pretty hair certainly attracts attention. Anywhere you go you’ll observe eyes following you and they are just amazed at how beautiful and shiny your hair is. Whether it is long or short, it always makes you glow and beautiful. And when you look and feel beautiful it boost your self-confidence and self respect. Observe a healthy lifestyle and a balance diet and it will follow that you’ll have a shiny and healthy hair too.


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