Are you afraid to be listed on Russian dating sites as you are afraid to meet a scammer?

There are much more of them on dating sites like yahoo and american singles, where moderators do not work with them specifically. They do not know their signes and even often do not delete them on a man's request.
Our multi-level scam protection on the site helps you to get acquainted only with serious, looking for girl marriage Russian and Ukrainian woman.
- We have a database of ip addresses - ip addresses of different scammers. People that come from them are never activated.
- We have our own scammer list where men report scammers and we check other scammer lists to see new faces on the scene and delete their profile if they are on the site.
If a girl is reported on the site, we do in -depth check to see if she is a real serious girl or a scammer.
Many beautiful single Russian woman are serious and looking for marriage. But there are some criminal scammers group that work very actively it is they who are behind most of the scammers profiles.


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