How to Grow a Beard Fast

The question that how to grow a beard, fast is bound to be asked by every teenaged boy, once he spots facial hair growing on his cheeks and chin. Let's face the fact, beards and mustaches are cool and many young boys and men are bound to feel like growing one, especially in their teenage years. Growing a beard is always considered very masculine. The feature of a beard, often indicates a person's maturity and good personality. The only drawback is that men with ill-maintained beards are considered to be either broke or total geeks by ladies. Hence if you start growing a beard, then it is 'absolutely' necessary to maintain it.

The other day, I came across a set of questions regarding beards on the Internet. Some of the interesting questions, were 'how to grow a beard at 17' or 'how to grow beard at 14'. The following are some guidelines or tips and hints that you can follow while growing a beard. For teenagers and young men, who ask 'how to grow a beard fast', what follows will help.

Selecting the Style: The first important thing that you need to bear in mind is that you need to find a beard style that suits your face cut, hair style, height and more importantly, your personality. In a recent column, that was titled 'how to grow a beard at 16', the author had given a list of bearded movie characters and a small description of their personality, so that the readers could choose the style of beard that suited them. It is extremely important to have the appropriate style of beard so that the beard enhances your look. To know more about different beard styles, you may also refer to these beard styles for men.

Shaving: How to grow a beard faster? The first step to grow a good length of beard is to shave properly at least two times a day. Remember, the shaving has to be thorough as you are not going to shave again for a very long time. You are growing a beard man! The process of shaving is also important as it removes all the minuscule quantities of dirt from your face. According to a column that was titled 'how to grow a beard at 15', the new segments of hair that follow, have a uniform length, which helps you to grow a dense and even beard. To know more about shaving, you may also refer to how to shave a beard?

Letting it Grow: A very good solution is to let the beard grow, until you can touch and feel the beard's hair. During this period, it is important that you nurture and keep the beard clean by applying hair shampoo daily. That would make the beard hair soft, smooth and dense.

Styling it: The next step is probably the most important one and also the most crucial step in the entire process. It's styling the beard. For this, you can either put to use a trimmer or a pair of scissors or follow the normal shaving method. Personally, I would recommend a trimmer as it is easy to use and also does not inflict any physical damage if used improperly.

Nurturing it: The next step is also as important as the step in which you style the beard. Nurturing the beard means that you have to regularly trim it, properly shave around it and most importantly, shampoo it. The big risk in not nurturing it is that you would have a haywire hair growth and you would have to shave off the beard and start all over again. The process of nurturing should always be done consistently.

Growing a beard is not at all difficult and a consistent and dedicated effort can easily work wonders. If you groom the beard properly, you will start looking like a mature man (man, not boy!). Remember, patience and persistence in effort is the key to get the best possible beard. I hope you have got the answer to 'how to grow a beard fast'. I will take your leave now. Take care...


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