Handlebar Mustache

Handlebar Mustache - How to Grow a Handlebar Mustache
As mentioned earlier, it is fairly simple to grow a handlebar mustache. The first thing that you need to do is stop shaving your upper lip. A few weeks must pass before the final handlebar mustache can culminate, but it is worth the wait. Shave other parts of the face, but let the ends of the mustache grow without cutting or trimming it. Once the length of the hair has grown enough, you need to buy some mustache wax. Mustache wax are the best ways to get that perfect handlebar mustache look. You can even make your own moustache wax with this moustache wax recipe.

Now, you need to start combing your mustache twice a day, and while doing so, you must create a parting in the middle of your mustache. The character of a handlebar mustache will be incomplete without the parting in the middle. While the ends of your handlebar mustache are growing longer and longer, you need to keep trimming the center of the mustache to get the perfect look. Now, apply the wax to the ends to make them slick and to maintain them in place. Now, take a pencil and curl the ends of the mustache tightly. Once you have removed the pencil the curls will stay in place in that manner. These are the easy steps for growing a handlebar mustache.

Popularity of Handlebar Mustache
The handlebar mustache came to the public eye in the 18th and 19th century. It came to symbolize the classic Victorian and Edwardian era look, and all the 'gentlemen' of that time regularly wore a handlebar mustache to proclaim their social status. Great Britain is where this look supposedly originated and pretty soon it started spreading to all corners of the world. Soldiers from the British Armed Forces and the Royal Air Force also, sported these mustaches very extensively and with great panache. In fact, the symbolic pictures of English colonialism all contain, an Englishman wearing a handlebar mustache.

Famous Handlebar Mustache Wearers
There have been many famous people throughout the course of history who have sported a handlebar mustache, and this just goes to show the amazing popularity that this mustache style enjoyed. Here are a few of the people who wore handlebar mustaches.
  • Thomas Hardy
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  • Edward Elgar
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Bertrand Russell
There have been many other men throughout the course of history who have also sported this mustache. A fake handlebar mustache is also easily procurable but the nobility and authority of this mustache is so strong, so why would one possibly wish to use a fake one. Grow this mustache to get the perfect imperialistic disciplinarian look.


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