Men�s 2011 / 2012 hairstyles: hair trends, cuts & colors

All fashion trends are cyclical, and in recent years have gradually modernised the looks of the 20th Century and planted them firmly in the 21st. Such a modernisation of past styles is especially true of men�s hair trends in 2011: it�s out with the new, and in with the old. Or at least an old hair style with a new twist.
2011 men's hair trends
2011 sees men�s hair styles fall into two distinct categories: school boy and rocker. But while the rocker look is certainly a 20th Century creation, the resulting hair style finds its roots (if you�ll pardon the pun) distinctly in 19th Century Britain. And so it is in 2010; while the odd 2010 runway collection featured something akin to a grunge revival, the majority of us will live out 2010 with a refined, classically inspired hair cut.


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