Jennifer Lopez Hair

Jennifer Lopez Hair - Jennifer Lopez is a sexy female figure and her hair style sexy Also, is combed back in a loose updo or running down his bronze shoulders. Although she Had given birth to twins and married to Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez still has a hair style and hair color is sexy.

Soft and Wavy hair That Jennifer Lopez is better achieved with Velcro rollers from the curling iron or hot rollers, and They are healthy for your hair (heat damage). Divide your hair into sections 3 inches wide and wrap Them in big rollers. Leave Them for 20 minutes while you wear your makeup or take a bubble bath. Got a date this weekend? Leave rollers in your long hair for three hours to fiercely sexy Jennifer Lopez's hair (That is, if you have the luxury of time on the lazy Saturday or Sunday).

An alternative to Velcro rollers? Dry your hair 80 percent, part of it into two equal parts on the crown, and turn into two loaves secured with bobby pins (hello Princess Leia). Blast with a diffuser Until completely dry and leave on for 30 minutes, or sleep in it for stay-put style.

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