Jennifer Aniston Hair Color (Tips)

 Jennifer Aniston Hair Color (Tips) - What hair color of your dreams? Maybe some people have hair the color of dreams or to date can not change your hair color with the color diingginkan. If you have hair color impiann like Jennifer Aniston, Michael Canale share tips on how to get the best color and make it last:  
  • Clean your hair before the coloring If you dye your hair, Canale advised to go to the salon with clean, dry hair. Dirt, oil, and products all clear reflection of light and you want your colorist to see what he's dealing with before he started your dye job.Pre-styles before you go to the hairdresser
    • For the best highlights, part your hair and style as usual. If you are straightening your hair, do not wear it wavy day you go to a salon, because it highlights the different techniques depending on your finished look, explains Canale. Part hair is very important because the colorist needs to know where your focus to highlight the most natural effects (such as gold circle Aniston).Hot water can cause color fading
    • Heat opens the cuticle (outer layer of your hair) in which the molecules of pigment color. If you are a brunette, this is probably why you start to see orange, according to Canale. Once the cuticle is open, it's easier to fall out and when brown pigment fades, he tends to go bad (which is why it looks orange). To preserve the wealth you color, wash your hair in warm water, no heat. 


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