Christina Aguilera Hairstyles

This dirty diva has always been a style and makeup junkie, and like all up-and-coming stars, has had a few hair mishaps along the way.

Christina first burst onto the hairstyle scene with safe straight blonde hues, but for some unknown reason, this sassy haired vixen decided to go for bigger and not so better hairdos.

In my opinion, this classic light blonde look is what works the best for Christina. This hairstyle sits to the neck with layers cut around her face to give her an even shape all around, making her look sophisticated and glamorous.

With this hairdo, the hair has been styled soft and wavy and it works really well on Christina's face shape. It may be a little too full, but all-in-all, it still looks nice.

Ok, ok, now here is where I think we all know Christina got a little lost. Firstly, with this particular style, it is a little too big for her face and it makes her look a little plump. This is exactly what a not so flattering hairstyle can do for your look! Also, the orange tone really does not complement her complexion at all.

Now to her worst hairdo. I can't begin to imagine why Christina chose this style. Firstly, you can see her weaves, which looks tacky (and we all know her real hair couldn't possibly be that long). Secondly, the style is way too full and messy looking. And as Christina has such a tiny frame, the hairstyle just engulfs her whole body. This style is definitely not the best idea for this extraordinarily talented diva.


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