Short Faux Hawk

Mohawk hairstyles were very popular as punk hairstyles at a time. And many people tried to make their Mohawks longer than the others. Mohawk hairstyles were dramatic hairstyles, which were created using glue and hot iron. Then, to add more style to them, they were colored in bright colors like acid greens, pink, yellows, reds, hot pinks, etc. These were high maintenance styles. But, since 1980 the new style called as faux hawk or fohawk has become popular. It is not as dramatic as the Mohawk styles, but still give a cool and edgy look. Mentioned below are some cool women's and men's short faux hawk style ideas, that you can consider getting done.

Short Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men and Women

Thinking, how to cut a faux hawk? Usually, the process of how to cut a short faux hawk is like this. The hair on the sides of the head are cut into short crops, with the middle band of the hair kept longer. Then, with an extra holding gel or a similar styling product the hair are styled upwards to create a faux hawk. This is how a basic faux hawk is created, given below are other ideas to create unique looking faux hawk.

No Cutting Required Style
For this style you don't need any cutting the hair, just separate out the middle band of the hair and secure it with hair clips. Then to create a faux Mohawk hairstyles, use a pomade and set the side hair flat against the scalp. Then, take the middle hair and style it upwards using an extra hold gel.

Spiky Faux Hawk Cut
Many people with their short faux hawk haircut like to get a choppy cut done. This makes the faux hawk look sharper instead of blunt, and gives a nice tapering hair look. For this you can get choppy layers done, and between the hair section of the faux hawk, keep some spaces, so that with fingers and gel you can style individual looking spikes in it.

Modern Mullet Faux Style
To create some modern faux Mohawk haircuts for men use these ideas. Get your faux hawk cut first, but this time with the middle band keep the back hair longer. So, that the middle band has long hair like a rat's tail to it. Then on the sides of the hair, get two side cuts done for an extra cool look.

Women's Faux Hawk
Faux hawk hairstyles for women are slightly different than men. Women generally tend to style their faux hawk hair in two ways. The first way is to create a faux hawk, with the hair near forehead cut longer and then with the gel they are styled upwards and forwards to create long bangs. Another way women like to wear faux hawk, is by simply creating it by making a bump kind of hairstyles, by styling the front hair upwards with brush. Women can also use the braided faux hawk ideas.

Braided Faux Hawk
To create faux hawk for curly hair braids are the best way. Create a French plait by taking all the hair together. However, this time start from the nape of neck to create a braid, and bring it till the forehead, and then let some hair loose from the braids end near forehead to create bangs.

These were the cool short faux hawk styles. So, what are you waiting for, go in front of the mirror and try out these ideas of faux hawk styles, or go to the stylist and get a smooth looking faux hawk done...


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