Purple Hair Highlights

So, lets face it. Purple hair color ideas are an unnatural shade of hair color. Though, it is a super funky and cool looking hair color. Many people who like punk hairstyles go for some unnatural shades of hair colors like green, pink, and purple. However, you can select a nice shade of purple/violet (same thing), and accompany it with a nice layered hairstyle and look stylish. But, purple is a color which suits only people with cool skin tones and cool eye colors. People with warm skin tones and warm eye color should 'totally' avoid this color or it can make their face look sickly or tired. Want to know if you fit the cool category? Here are the skin tones, eye colors and natural base hair color of people who fit in the cool category.

Cool Category

Eye Color: People who belong to the cool category can have eye color hazel with white, gray or blue flecks. They can also have eye color deep brown or blackish brown. They can also have cool shades of eye color like gray blue or dark blue.

Skin Tone Color: The skin tone can be brown or bronze after tanning, pale complexion with pink undertones, pale complexion with no color in cheeks, medium complexion with no color in cheeks, medium complexion with faint pink cheeks, true olive complexion observed in Asians and Latinos, or very dark brown complexion. Only people who have cool skin tones should go for purple hair color ideas.

Natural Hair Base Color: People from cool category have generally natural hair colors like jet black, dark coffee brown, medium ash brown or medium golden brown.

Purple Hair Highlights Ideas

If you observe pictures of purple hair highlights, then you will notice that they are always on a base of cool hair color. Purple highlights look great on shiny raven black hair color. Hence, go for a base of shiny raven black hair color and then go for purple hair highlights ideas. You can also go with a base hair color of white hair color and then consider going with purple hair color ideas.
  • If you don't wish to go for a very outstanding purple hair color, then select a deep blue and dark purple hair highlights hair color. Middle part your hair and go for 3 skinny streaks of each deep blue and deep purple hair highlights one either side of the parting.
  • Just like the above ideas of blue and purple hair highlights, you can also opt for red and purple hair highlights.
  • If you wish to go a little punk then why not mix up some bright colors in the hair highlights. Mix shades of red and purple hair highlights, go for chunky 8-12 highlights on a base of deep black or brown hair color.
  • On a base of white hair or icy blonde hair, get some pink and purple hair highlights near the crown. It will give a very unique look. To add more to the look, dye the bottom few inches of your hair ends into the same shade of purple hair dye.
  • Another cool and unique ideas is to take out two long strands of your hair, which are right behind your ear, and color these strands completely purple, and leave the rest of the hair dark blue or icy white.
Hair Care Tips for Colored Hair

Purple hair dye is not as strong as blonde, black or brown and doesn't last very long. To protect your hair color it is important that you follow some colored hair care tips. Use specially made shampoos and conditioners for colored hair. And stick to other mild hair care products, if you use any. Avoid exposing your hair to sun, as sun exposure will fade your color faster. You can wear protective gear like caps, hats, scarves, etc.

This was all about purple highlights hair color ideas. So, make sure that the purple hair color suits your skin tone and eye color before you opt for this color. And follow the above hair care tips, to protect your color for a longer period.


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