How to Use Velcro Rollers

Velcro rollers are the simplest hair rollers around as they do not require to be clipped or locked or sealed using extra parts, all of which can get a girl really confused the first few times. Secondly, one doesn't need to dread having your hair get stuck within the layers of plastic. Hair rollers are a must have for women with straight hair, as it gives them an opportunity to add some waves and curls, without having them permanently done up. This article explains more about how to use Velcro rollers and its advantages.

Benefits of Velcro
  • Velcro rollers do not damage the hair in anyway whatsoever.
  • They do not need heat to function and thus do not damage the hair, unlike electric heat rollers, which singe hair and cause long term damage.
  • Velcro rollers come in a variety of sizes, which help you get wavy hair, while offering you the options for making different types of hairstyles more often!
  • These rollers do not have extra parts or pairs and are thus usable, even if you lose a roller or two.
  • They are extremely comfortable to wear and do not injure the scalp or fingers.
  • These are very light and can easily be carried in your handbag or pouch.
  • And not forgetting to mention, these rollers are extremely affordable!
Steps to Use Velcro Rollers for Curls

Comb Your Hair
Comb your hair once again, to remove any chinks and knots. Now slightly dampen your hair using a smoothening serum, and spread the serum evenly, all over your hair.

Divide Hair in Sections
Separate your hair into sections, depending on how thick or fine you would like your curls to be. Taking thicker sections would make broader and more voluminous curls or waves. Thinner hair sections will give you finer and sleeker curls.

Roll Each Section
Take each section of hair and use a butterfly clip to secure a section of hair near the scalp. Take the Velcro roller and simply start rolling your hair from the tip, until you reach close to the scalp. The Velcro roller will hold fast and will not open up on its own. However, if you are making bigger curls, it would be preferable to secure the roller using a second butterfly clip to the hair right beneath the roller. Repeat this procedure with the rest of the sections, until all have been neatly rolled and secured in place.

Blow Drying
Since your hair is slightly damp, it gives you the opportunity to dry it using heat drying. Dry each section with warm air for about 3 minutes each, after which you must switch to cold air drying, as this will help set the curls set properly so as to make them last longer, without opening up. Apply cold air for 3-4 minutes for each section of hair.

Let the Rolls Stay
Allow your hair to set dry for about 15-30 minutes on a less busy day. This will make the curls more prominent and less temporary. You can easily flaunt the curly wavy look for the next 2-3 days, without washing.

Unclip and Remove Rolls
Remove all the butterfly clips before you attempt to unroll the curlers. To remove the curlers from your hair, simply roll out the Velcro rollers. Run your fingers through your hair to set them, and never comb them immediately after removing the curlers, as that would spoil the hairstyle.

Knowing how to use Velcro rollers can help you add extra volume to your hair without adding any curls. Using big curlers makes the hair straighter and looking fuller. What makes these curlers such an excellent choice is they are super fast to use and even faster in giving expected results.


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