How to Use Hot Rollers

Women who have straight, thin and limp hair, often long for curly, bouncy hair with a lot of body. And even if their hair is beautiful, just to experiment and change their appearance a bit, they feel like curling their hair once in a while. When it comes to hair curling at home, there are two very popular and widely used options; curling iron and hair rollers. Majority of women feel that a curling iron saves time. On the contrary, it is the hot hair rollers which give the same results as a curling iron with the added bonus that once the hair is set with them, a woman can do other things simultaneously while leaving them on, in her hair. So, how to use hot rollers? We will learn in the following paragraphs.

There are a number of curly hairstyles that are in vogue these days and a woman can opt for any of these, once her hair is properly curled with hair rollers. So, all those women who want to know how to use hot rollers on short hair, medium and long hair, below are some tips on the same.

Tips on How to Use Hot Rollers

Before using hot rollers, clean your hair thoroughly with a shampoo and let it dry. Although, setting wet hair in rollers is possible, still hair rollers work better if the hair is dry and clean.

As for the rollers, they should be heated up completely before application. Majority of the rollers these days come with a light which is switched on the moment the rollers are appropriately heated up. So, only when the indicator light is on, start with the below mentioned procedure on how to use hair rollers.

Step 1
For curling the hair, they need to be first parted in small sections. So, with a comb, mark a small section of hair first and then use a hairspray on it. The best way to use hot rollers is to always start from the face and then go backwards. For those of you who want to know how to use hot rollers on medium length hair, a good tip is to always work from the crown, down towards the shoulders.

Step 2
Lift the hair in the small section with your left hand, away from your face. Holding the roller with your right hand, wrap your hair ends around the barrel. Roll the barrel down till you reach the scalp. Take a pin or a clip and secure the hair section with it.

Step 3
Repeat steps 1 and 2 all over the hair. While making sections, remember that rollers should always be applied top-down and from the front to the back. Once the entire head has been covered with rollers, take a hairspray and apply all over.

Step 4
Give the rollers time to cool off. It would take approximately 15-20 minutes for the rollers to cool. After that start unrolling the rollers one by one. And Voila! You have the beautiful curls that you always desired. In the end, simply take a wide tooth comb and separate your curls.

For women who prefer a lot of tight curls, smaller rollers are appropriate. For those who prefer loose curls, large rollers are apt. For softer curls, unroll the rollers in the same direction as you rolled them. If you want spiral curls, unroll the curls downward towards the shoulders. However, if you do not want curls, only loose waves, then you can skip using hairspray on your hair before setting the hot rollers. Also, do not ever apply hair care products such as pomade or shine sprays or wax before putting on the rollers as these tend to greatly reduce the quality and volume of the curls.

In case you are running out of time, then to speed up the process, you can blow hot air using blow dryer onto the hair rollers. If you feel that your hair has become too curly then you can dampen your hair a bit and pull them with a wide tooth comb, applying blow dryer side by side.

I hope now you have a fairly good idea of how to use hot rollers. It will take a little practice from your side till you are actually able to achieve perfection. Investing in hot rollers is a good way to save money in salons over expensive haircuts as styling curly hair using rollers will give you an equally new, amazing look, sitting at home.


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