How to Spiral Curl Hair

Spiral curls are also sometimes referred as ringlet curls. These are tight bouncy curly hairstyles which look very cool. Don't know what I am talking about? Imagine curly hair type between curly Afro hair and wavy hair. Yep! That's right, what you imagined are the spiral curls. These curls can look very romantic and with an updo created using spiral curls, you can look gorgeous! So, you want to know how to spiral curl hair? Here are five different ways that will help you achieve great looking bouncy spiral curls.

5 Great Ways to Get Cute Spiral Curls

Method #1 � Perming (not a very hair friendly method, but still...)
If you are thinking of how to spiral curl hair permanently, then just go to a salon. The stylist will use medium sized rods to perm your hair. Perms can take many hours, so make sure you do it on a day when you are free. Perms can last for months, till all your hair grow out. However, hair perms are not a good idea, as they can be first of all expensive, and what if you don't like the result, also the harsh chemicals they use are not good for the hair health. So, think twice before you go for perming to get spiral curls.

Method #2 � Sea Salt Spry (instant spiral curls)
This is my favorite way of how to curl your hair. Why? Because, it is so easy. However, I use this technique more, to style my hair in beautiful body curls. But, the same method can be used to create springy spiral curls. To do this on damp hair apply a sea salt spray. But, you can use other similar styling products too. I have found that a good curling hair serum or curling hair mousse works the same. So, apply the hair styling product on wet hair generously, then twirl on strand of hair around your finger tightly and then blow dry, voila instant spiral curly lock. This way work on the rest of the hair to get spiral curls. Don't have these products? Then use the below technique on how to curl hair with a flat iron.

Method #3 � Curling Iron (soft spiral curls, without any chemical)
Those wondering, how to spiral curl hair with curling iron can use the above method. First apply loads of hair cream or serum on your hair, to protect it from the heat damage. Then twirl you hair tightly around the curling iron, and apply medium heat, and you will have created a nice spiral curly lock. Work the same way with the rest of the hair.

Method #4 � Bobby Pins (the classic way to curl your hair)
If you wish to learn how to spiral curl hair without heat, then no need to use the above method on how to spiral curl hair with flat iron. Instead, use this classic method. Damp your hair and apply a hair setting solution like a cream or spray or anything similar. Then hold the hair away from the scalp, and twirls it around the finger tightly, and set it on the head using bobby pins in a cross pattern. Repeat for all the hair sections, and leave the hair like this overnight, and take off the pins in the morning to reveal great looking spiral curly hairstyle.

Method #5 � Rollers (the old overnight curling technique)
Another great way to curl hair is using rollers. If you feel the plastic rollers uncomfortable to sleep with, then use foam rollers. This method is similar to above. On damp hair apply a hair setting solution, wrap hair around medium sized rollers and the fix them with bobby pins and leave overnight. Remove rollers in the morning, and you will have bouncy soft curls.

These were the various ways on how to spiral curl hair. So, what are you waiting for, gather stuff you need to style your hair and create cool looking spiral curls, or hit the salon and get permanent spiral curls that you can wear for months. Enjoy!


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