Faux Hawk for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, there are many haircut styles and ideas that you can choose from. However, if you are bored with the regular curly hairstyles, and want to try a different look; you can straighten your hair and then experiment with hairdos which are appropriate for straight and fine hair. One such hairstyle is the faux hawk. Many would say that it is very difficult to make a faux hawk on curly hair. This point is slightly true if curly hair is being styled into a faux hawk without straightening the hair first. In order to style the hair properly, you need to know how the hair is styled in a faux hawk. Let us know more about the faux hawk, curly hair straightening method, and styling a fohawk hairstyle.

The Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The 'faux hawk', also known as a 'fohawk', is a hairstyle that is a slight variant of the extremely famous Mohawk haircut. In order to understand the style of a faux hawk, you will have to know the hairstyle in a Mohawk. In a Mohawk, the hair is cut from the sides and the hair on the crown is gelled in the upwards direction, creating a line of standing or spiked-up hair from the front of the head to the nape. Note that in a Mohawk, the hair at the sides are trimmed to make a sharper look of hair at the top of the head. Now, in a faux hawk haircut, the only difference is that the hair at the sides is not cut, yet set on the crown upwards, and hence the name 'faux'.

Faux Hawk: Curly Hair

The faux hawk is a hairstyle that mostly looks good on people with straight and fine hair. However, even if you have curly hair, you can still wear this stylish hairdo, but with first treating the curls in the right manner. As the curls tend to go out of place, you will have to use good quality hairspray and hair-gel for making a faux hawk on curly hair. It would also be better if you get the hair trimmed to around one or one an a half inch, so that it would set over the head properly. If the hair is longer, it would curl, being very difficult for you to style it again.

How to Style a Faux Hawk with Curly Hair?

After you have got your hair cut to an appropriate length, you need to untangle all curls. You can do so by properly shampooing the hair and applying a good texturizing cream. The next step is to use a hair dryer for drying out the hair. With holding the hair drier in one hand, blow dry the hair which is on the top, with the other hand straightening and styling the hair. At this point, you will have to use a flat iron to further straighten the hair. If the hair sits down again, use the appropriate amount of hairspray or gel to style and hold it in the upward direction. After all hair straightening is done, give finishing touches to set the individual pieces of hair in a faux hawk manner.
This is some information on faux hawk, curly hair straightening method, and how to style you hair in a faux hawk hairstyle. If you want to wear a faux hawk without straightening your curly hair, you still will be able to wear the hairdo, but it would be a lot thicker and voluminous on the crown.


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