Fade Hairstyle

Fade hairstyles first became popular amongst the African American youth in the late 20th century. Fade hairstyle is aggressively short at the sides of the head but sports relatively longer hair at the top of the head. Fade hairstyles emphasize on gradually increasing or decreasing length of the hair in the sideways direction from the crown. Due to the extremely short length of hair, it is popular as one of the men's hairstyles. Women can also get fade short hairstyles by following similar haircut technique and increasing the length of the hair. Since it requires less maintenance and gives a really masculine look, it is one of the most popular hairstyles amongst men today. More on haircut styles and ideas.

Taper Fade Hairstyle

This is one of the most attractive types of fade hairstyles which is suitable for men of all ages. This kind of haircut is performed with help of an electric hair clipper. A person sporting this hairstyle will get the basic fade look with longer hair at the top of the head and gradual decrease in the length of the hair at the back of the head, near the neckline as well as above and behind the ears. This is a really short haircut with tapered lines across the head. You can also find several variations in taper fade hairstyles, like asymmetrical taper lines, longer hair at the top of the head and hair coloring patterns which are applied in a really unique way with only a few taper lines. You can always get this haircut at home, but since a professional would provide more variety, I would suggest that you get it done by a professional only.

Low Fade Hairstyle

Low fade hairstyles are the most popular fade hairstyle amongst the different fade hairstyles for men, only second to the taper fade in popularity. A low fade haircut emphasizes on scalp length shaved hair around the back and sides of the head, that are then combined with blended fade hairstyle. When done properly, a low fade hairstyle doesn't show any lines like the tapered fade hairstyles. This hairstyle creates an illusion of thick hair at the top of the head. If you have straight and wavy hair, you can certainly try the low fade hairstyle for yourself. If you are getting the haircut done by a knowledgeable professional, you can also ask him to do a few variations with your original hairline. You can try an oval or heart shaped hairline instead of your original one, which will give you a totally different look.

High Fade Hairstyle

High fade hairstyles which are also called hi-top fades were made popular by the hip hoppers during the golden era of urban contemporary music. These hairstyles looked somewhat like the headpieces of ancient Egyptian queens! However, these hairstyles lacked geometric precision and hence, faded away with time. But today, high fade hairstyles are back with an interesting modification. These hairstyles are called high and tight or a buzz cut, in short. These hairstyles are worn by the United States marine cops and the US army. They look really voguish and extremely masculine at the same time. There are two types of high fade, namely horseshoe flat top and recon fade. You can try anyone of them and flaunt them. More on buzzed haircuts for men and women.

There are a lot of variations that you can try out with the original fade hairstyles. You can also combine Caesar cut, Ivy league cut, burr cut and medium fade cut with the typical fade hairstyle. Fade hairstyles can be called a sophisticated and modified version of mohawk hairstyles for men. Fade hairstyles are easy to perform on coarse and extremely straight hair. People with curly hair can also opt for the fade hairstyles if they are comfortable with the same. People with fine and thin hair lack the potential texture which is required for fade hairstyles. Fade hairstyles do no require much maintenance, unless you have colored them. You can easily style the hair with a little bit of pomade or mousse.

Since, fade hairstyles don't need much maintenance they are easy to take care of and an absolute pleasure to flaunt. I am sure you agree!


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