Choppy Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Choppy hairstyles are very popular hairstyles today, and they are changing many existing hairstyles. Choppy hairstyles give a fresh new look, compared to the sleek neat looking traditional hairstyles. Also, choppy hairstyles are easy to maintain. However, to maintain the haircut itself, one needs to keep visiting the stylist every 6-8 weeks depending upon the individual hair growth. If you are bored of your plain straight hair, then why not try choppy hairstyles. Choppy hairstyles are also a great idea for people who have thin hair, as these hairstyles help to add lot of volume to your hairdo.

Before we start looking at the different choppy hairstyles, first let us discuss what choppy hairstyles are. Choppy hairstyles are not a type of haircut, but more like a finishing effect given to the base haircut. The base haircut can be anything, it can be a layered haircut or a simple bob haircut. On top of this haircut, the hair are styled to cut choppy. Wondering, how hair are cut choppy? Firstly, the stylist will cut your hair into a base haircut of your choice. Then on top of that the hair will be cut choppy. To cut the hair choppy, the stylist will hold a strand of hair at 45 degree angle, then tilt the scissor and make a cut. This way the stylist will cut all the hair strands in different lengths, which will give the choppy effect to your medium hairstyle. Here are some popular type of choppy hairstyles for medium length hair, that you can consider.

Choppy Haircuts for Medium Length Hair

Popular Choppy Layered Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair
To try out these haircut styles and ideas, you will need to get lot of layers in your hair. First cut the hair near the crown into layers, then cut the bottom hair into long choppy hair. Accompany this style with long sweeping side bangs. Then cut the hair choppy.

Choppy Hairstyle with Bangs
If you don't want a complete edgy choppy cut look, then get a sleek haircut like a layered haircut with hair flipper outwards or inwards, or get a sleek bob. Then accompany this choppy haircut style with a long sweeping bangs, and cut bangs hair choppy.

Long Medium Choppy Hairstyles
If you slightly longer medium hair then try out these choppy layered hairstyles. Middle part your hair, and cut your hair on both sides into deep layers, and flipped outwards. Then add side sweeping bangs to the hairstyle, and cut the hair choppy.

Medium Choppy Bob Style
If you like choppy bob hairstyles, and don't mind cutting your hair little shorter then try out these hairstyles. Cut your hair into a blunt or a round cut bob. You can also consider getting a stacked bob haircut, if you thin hair. Then on top of this bob haircut, cut your hair choppy, and get some bangs also cut choppy to complete this look.

Asymmetrical Medium Choppy Hairstyles
Asymmetrical or graduated or inverted haircuts are very popular, and cutting your hair on top of this hairstyles choppy will definitely give you a unique look. To try out these choppy haircuts for women, first cut your hair into an asymmetrical style, by keeping one side of the hair cut longer and the other side of the hair cut longer. And cut the hair at near the nape of your neck shorter. Then cut these hair deep choppy.

These were the various choppy hairstyles for medium length hair. Apart from these haircuts for medium length hair, you can also consider getting emo or scene haircuts, as these styles are cut very choppy. However, these styles also look extreme. So, pick an appropriate style which suits your face type, and sport a good looking choppy haircut.


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