Buzzed Haircuts for Women

Short hairstyles are becoming very popular among the busy working ladies nowadays. Among all the short hairstyles the buzzed hairstyle is one that can uplift your taste for fashion. This is an extremely short and trendy haircut. It became popular among the men and women from the early '50s and '60s.Buzzed haircuts for women give a strong look to a feminine personality and can define the facial beauty pretty well. For different reasons women choose this haircut. Let us take a look why the craze is spreading far and wide among the women.

Buzzed Haircuts for Women

Gone are the days when traditional long hairstyles were the only choice for a lady. With the passing time our lifestyle and tastes are also changing. Now women are becoming very conscious about their career and competing with men in every phases of life. Now out of home for work, they have little time to look after themselves. So the buzzed haircuts are becoming the prime choice of every female. It is so tidy and short haircut, that you need little time to comb your hair. Those women who are into business and politics often opt for the buzzed one, as it helps in highlighting a strong, smart and bright personality of the individual. Buzzed haircuts also reflect confidant personality of a woman.

The buzzed haircut is also known as waffle or crew cut. The word "buzz" is an American name for this trimmed haircut and is derived from the sound of an electrical razor that is used to shave the hair. There are various types of buzzed haircuts that one can choose from. For example, buzz haircut with medium sideburns, buzz haircut with bangs, etc. They give a clean and well-structured look and are ideal for the professional ladies, models and all those fashion-conscious ones. Popular stars such as Britney Spears, Sinead O'Connor and Natalie Portman are some women who opt for buzzed hairstyle and show the world how a buzzed haircut can heighten one�s beauty.

Those who are undergoing medical treatment or suffering from hair loss, buzzed haircut can be a better option. This is also helpful for the women who suffer from hot flashes as it is easier to keep cool with trimmed hair.

If you are really tired of handling your dry and split hair, then take the right kind of clippers and have a buzzed haircut. It will save your time and will give you a nice and stylish look. For proper care of this buzzed cut you should get your hair trimmed every week. It will add grace and tidiness to your personality. Its unique features have made it so special among a fascinating range of short hairstyles.


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