Braids for Short Hair

Gone are the days, when braids were seen as a boring hairdo. Now braided styles are no longer donned just by school girls, hot models and Hollywood celebrities can be seen flaunting stylish braids. There are so many braid hairstyles that can make you look stylish and elegant. Classic braid, French braid, Dutch braid, fishtail braid, herringbone braid and Side French braid are some of the most popular braided hairstyles for women. Braided styles figure in the list of popular black men's hairstyles as well. Cornrows and spiked braids are some of the popular braided hair styles for men. When it comes to styling one's hair in braids, having long hair is certainly an advantage, but that doesn't mean that those with short hair cannot don the braided look. Some hair braiding techniques and styles can be used for making stylish braids for short hair. If you have been thinking about styling your short tresses into braids, here are some braided hair styles that you could try.

Braids for Short Hair

Do you know how to make a basic braid? Well, if you have a basic idea about braiding hair, you can try different types of braids. If you have never braided your hair before, let me tell you how to braid hair. Well, all you need to do is comb your hair and gather them at the nape. The hair should then be divided in three sections. You need to hold the right section and cross the strands over the middle section. Similarly, the strands from the left side need to be crossed over the middle section. You need to keep crossing the strands over the middle section, while alternating between right and left sections. Once the entire length of the hair is braided, it can be secured with a fancy hair band. If your hair is short, braiding your hair and gathering all your hair at the back of the head, is not possible. So, you could make smaller braids on the sides. Though having medium or long hair gives you the freedom to try out various styles, but if the right braiding technique is used, one can also braid short hair. If you are looking for ideas on braids for short hair, you can go through this information on braids for short hair for men and women.

Short Hair Braids for Women
French braid is one braided style that can never go out of fashion. If you know how to French braid hair, you could try the stylish French braid hairstyles. All you need to do, is make a center part, and take sections of your hair from either side of the part to make French braids on the sides. You can then join the ends of each braid and secure them at the crown. If your hair is slightly longer, you could make the low horizontal French braid, that is a French braid running horizontally between the ears. If you are looking for ideas on cute braids for short hair, you could make bun braids. For this hairdo, all you need to do, is divide your hair in two sections and gather each section at the top of the crown. Tie each section into a ponytail and then braid them into classic braids. Twist them to make two buns. Side braids for short hair is another popular hair braiding style. If you have shoulder length hair, you could make a side French braid. This is a very elegant hairdo that can be donned for formal events and parties. Spiked short braids and cornrows are some of the cool braids for short hair. You can also use fancy hair accessories to make your hairdo look more appealing.

Short Hair Braids for Men
When it comes to braids for men, you instantly think about cornrows. Well, this is one attention-grabbing hairstyle. To style your hair into cornrows, hair is parted in sections and braids are made close to the scalp. The popularity of cornrows lies in the amazing patterns that can be created with this hair style. If your hair is more than four inches in length, zigzag patterns, curved lines, geometric patterns and various other cornrow styles could be created for creating an interesting look. While many black men with long hair sport long micro braids, those with short hair can also braid their hair. With short hair, the braids will stand up straight and give a cool spiked appearance. Beads can also be placed to jazz up the braided look.

This was all about braids for short hair. Now that you have some idea about braided styles for short hair, you can spice up your look by donning these cute braided hairstyles. So, what are you waiting for? Make a fashion statement with your braided hairdo!


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