Blowout Hairstyle

How to do a Blowout Hairstyle

Blowout hairstyle for women looks like a style which can only be done in a salon, with the help of some haircut styles and ideas you can create this style at home easily.
  • First shampoo your hair, and wash it clean. Then use a conditioner, and keep it on your hair for two to three minutes. Again wash your hair clean. Conditioning will protect the hair from harsh blow drying, and also make it more manageable. Then towel dry your hair and maintain the hair damp. After you are done towel drying your hair, comb your hair with a thick tooth comb in an upwards direction.
  • Then take a little bit of serum on your palms, and apply it over your hair. After this use an extra hold gel or volumizer on the hair. The serum will protect the hair from any blow drying damage, and the gel/volumizer will help to achieve the desired style.
  • Now, part your hair into different sections, preferably the two sides section, the crown section, and the back hair. This way you can create different blowout hairstyle sections easily.
  • Now take a round hair brush, and start working on the crown section. Start brushing your hair in an upward motion, and keep the blow dryer on a medium and fast speed. Along with the brush motion, move the blow dryer from hair roots to hair ends.
  • Once you are done with the crown section of your hair, start working on the left side section in a similar manner. Start brushing in a sideways and upwards direction, and move the blow dryer simultaneously. Once you are done with the left side, repeat for the right side.
  • The back hair should be shorter cut, and styled in the same upwards direction. Use an extra mirror, so that you can see the back hair while brushing and drying them.
  • To make the hair ends look more defined, use a pea sized gel on your fingers, and make some spiky hair ends, by moving your fingers near the hair ends.
After you are done styling your hair, you can also accompany your hair with a headband hair accessory, to complete your blowout hairstyle look. If you have plain colored hair, and want to add more style and texture to your hairstyle, then consider some hair color ideas. You can go with some blonde highlights to get stylish, eye catching hairstyle look. However, if you are looking for a subtle colored hair look, then consider getting some lowlights on your hair, which can be done near the base of the hair.


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