Black Hair with Highlights

Highlighting your hair can be the best way to change the way you look completely and to create an absolutely brilliant new look. If you have black hair, then even the slightest change in the color of your hair can create a different look. The problem arises though in choosing the right color as with black hair, it can be difficult to find a hair color which works well. While some shades up your elegance quotient, other shades make you seem younger and playful. In this article, we help you decide how to pick the right color for your hair to ensure that when you flaunt your black hair with highlights you get only compliments.

Highlight Ideas for Black Hair
So, you have decided that the best way to change your look would be to opt for highlights. Now the decision to make is which color to opt for. Do you want to opt for a subtle change or a dramatic look. These decisions are the most important ones that you will need to make. If you are unable to decide which shade to pick, we help you out by giving you different options that you can consider while coloring your hair.

Blonde Highlights
For women with black hair, going blonde can be quite the change as it will completely and dramatically change their appearance. There is a deep contrast created when you contrast the yellowish tinge of blond hair with black. The effect can be quite arresting if done properly and if black hair with blonde highlights suits the person in question. It is important that you consult your hairstylist to check if the shade of blonde that you have selected suits you. If you are doing this at home, then check the side of the box, to see what the final outcome could look like. Choosing the right shade is very important as there are many shades of blonde that do not suit women with dark hair. The most attractive look would be to opt for only about ten percent of your hair to be highlighted with this shade.

Red Highlights
Red highlights look gorgeous on women with dark hair and is a great way to change your appearance without being very dramatic about it. This highlight looks even better because most women with dark hair tend to have a reddish tint to their hair. While choosing this hair color, you will come across hair colors with blonde undertones that are brighter than colors with black undertones which tend to be on the darker side. Your decision of which hair color to opt for should depend on how much drama you are hoping for. If you want a natural look, then opt for colors with dark undertones. These shades can be used to highlight almost forty percent of your hair. If you are up for a slightly dramatic look, opt for shades of red with tints of purple. This looks especially good on younger women.

Brown Highlights
One of the most subtle shades that you can choose for dark hair is brown. You can use brown hair color on almost 60 percent of your hair. It adds just the right depth to your hair and adds to the elegance of the look. With shades of brown you will need to experiment to find out which shade suits you the best and enhances your natural hair color. It is advisable to choose a shade that is three shades lighter than your natural color. The best part of opting for brown hair color is that it tends to add gradation to your hair, enhancing the appearance without overtly standing out.

These are three of the best options for your hair, if you have black hair. If you are a teenager or in your twenties, experiment with funkier colors like blue, purple, or even pink. Opt to get one strand colored in a stand out color and soak in the compliments that you are sure to get. Black hair with highlights tend to look stunning because any color against the vividness of black tends to stand out. Do remember that if you are coloring your hair for the first time, it is always a good idea to get it done by a professional. Highlighting your hair at home, if done wrong, can cause your hair to look very different from the look you are hoping for, and it is a situation you would definitely want to avoid.


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